Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Adventures of X-man

I know I haven't blogged for quite some time now. But boy have I been busy with my son. Once he got to crawling there was no stopping him. Look out world.

My son has been walking now for 5 months and he has been "all legs and no brains" as my wonderful mother would put it. Just recently he discovered how to take off his diaper. I didn't know he had such an interest in being diaper free. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to him moving around and I noticed that half off his diaper was hanging off of his butt. Oh heck no little boy we are not having that, I told him. When I went to change him and put a fresh diaper on him he threw a fit. Aye ye ye. That brings me to the subject of temper tantrums.How the heck do you deal with those??? X-man throws himself on the floor and screams at the top of his lungs when you tell him he can't pull cords out of outlets or pull the keyboard for the computer on the floor and stomp on it or dial 911 on the telephone (which he did do once and only once before my honey and I smacked ourselves in the forehead and put the phone out of his reach). You catch my drift. Everything he can't do he wants to do and all the toys he has, he hardly touches.

I just checked out a book from the library, which I will give reviews on once I am through reading, that gives parenting tips and a gives you ideas on how to be tantrum free. The lady that wrote the book has kids and I have heard a lot of people say her books give great advice. If anyone else has advice please post a comment.

Dear Lord,
I pray for the safety and health of my son X-man. I pray you watch over him and keep him safe from all danger. I know I can't be there all the time, but I trust that you can. I pray Lord, that you can guide me as a parent to make the right decisions when it comes down to raising him. He is the most precious gift a mother could ask for and I thank you for the opportunity of being a mother. I better get going because my duty calls. I love you.
In Jesus name, Amen.

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